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I used a travel advisor for the first time and will never book a trip without one in the future. Devora from Eltee took care of everything, knew the locations intimately and got us upgrades and other amenities we never would have gotten on our own.

Judy P. California

When we had an issue with our flight connection and then our room in Madrid, we reached out to our travel agent. She immediately re-routed us, used her relationship with the hotel’s General Manager and got our problem resolved. As far as I am concerned, that saved our entire trip.

Andrew R. Florida

Even with doing my research about my family’s trip, I learned so much more about the specifics and intricacies of where to go first, what to do and not and so much more working with a travel advisor from Eltee. They made our first family vacation in forever easy and memorable.

Debra A. New York

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